Saturday, October 21, 2006

::painting and pumpkins::

A little fingerpainting.

Artist at work.

At the patch

As usual, Rob has each and every child on the wagon completely engrossed in his silly antics. They always love him.

Petting zoo fun.

The best dressed farmer on the farm. (Yes, that is a suit.)


Blogger Stomper Girl said...

Thanks for visiting! Love how your kids look happy to touch the baby animals. I have to bribe my oldest at petting zoos.
He'll thank me for the photos when he's older. (Much older)

9:45 PM  
Blogger Sonia said...

Just lovely those pictures!!

Thanks for visiting my blog!
Have a nice week!

5:42 AM  
Blogger h&b said...

What a great day !
Espeically love Luke mid-shriek of delight petting that goat... :)

6:11 AM  
Blogger Jada's Gigi said...

The pumpkins and petting zoo pics are too cute! I love the pic of Leila fingerpainting..I laughed outloud when I first saw it..:) Rob to the zoo in a suit?!? Sounds like he came straigt form work, yes? What fun family trip. We are planning on taking in an orchard and pumpkin farm this weekend on our trip to the mtns...someday I'm gonna have a digital camera so I can capture the moment...:)

11:51 AM  
Blogger Em said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful day. I love the pumpkins!

7:14 AM  

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