Thursday, May 17, 2007

Like Schweitzer, Hepburn and Gere

After taking the Temperment Discovery System Test by Keirsey at the Leadership Team meeting at our mom's group, it would seem I'm an Idealist Healer. So my leadership role will be restocking all the children's diapers and wipes and other such supplies each week as they run low. I've heard the best leaders are the best servers. Here's my chance to test that theory.

Take the test if you're so inclined. It's interesting to find out how you tick.


Blogger tommiea said...

I love those kind of things...I think kid 2 is getting ready to wake up from her nap, so I will try it this evening when they are in bed.

btw, those are great pics of you and the kids....I need to have a neighbor take some of of the many things I miss about hubby being gone.

1:15 PM  

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