Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pancakes and Presents

Some of Rob's qualities out there for everyone to see:
(because what is a birthday without a little embarrassment)
wins the award for father with the most original made up toddler songs,
supports all my outlandish, fiscally imprudent ventures,
ace in his field,
sets a good example by never (no never) eating sweets, junk food, fast food, or soda (never, no never),
has sexy English/Texan accent,
loves my cooking some times,
consistently thoughtful to those less fortunate,
can speak articulately to almost any subject,
well-read and well-traveled enough to have an endless supply of interesting stories some of which I'm sure I still haven't heard,
isn't afraid to dance and play despite how many hundreds of people are around,
can paint in a straight line unlike his wife, ahem,
is learning how to fix the unending flood of broken things that come with the purchase of a house built in 1919,
has a passion for everything (everything) he feels important enough to open his mouth about,
who knows how to love his loved ones with complete abandon and sincerity,
is completely and deeply accepted and loved.

Happy Birthday my husband.

For Rob's birthday present I gave him a new hobby. That was nice of me right?
He's been talking about martial arts for a while. Arguably the best dojo in the US is in walking distance from our house. So I signed him up.

Here he is with his new gi
(looking rather Jack Nicholsony):


Blogger h&b said...

Happy Birthday Rob !

Your wife forgot to mention what a job you did in choosing your wife too ;)

And producing such a gorgeous family ;)

4:12 PM  
Blogger Gina said...

: ) Oh, yes and that.

4:44 PM  
Blogger chksngr said...

Why happy (belated) birthday Rob...

How fantastic you are!!! Gina is a very blessed woman...

Don't karate chop her when she is "fiscally imprudent"

ha ha


4:04 PM  

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