Sunday, August 05, 2007

B is for Believe.

I believe ...
  • that because of the unending series of snafu's that stood in the way, the video project (16 hours and $50 later) of this week was just not ever supposed to happen and I may never know why but I'll not question any longer.
  • hoping for the best but preparing for the worst might be a healthy approach to the unknown. Even when I think of Luke's future.
  • that one can only be happy once they've learned to be be truly grateful for what they have right now.
  • there is one God who sent his Son so that we might have life everlasting and that He loves us more than we can ever dream or hope to be loved.
  • the root of much unhappiness is comparison. We compare our insides to other people's outsides. We'd be surprised if we could take a peek inside.
  • some women kiss a man and turn him into a frog. Another woman can kiss that same man and turn him into a prince.
  • I love our new lemon trees even though they are minuscule.
  • this life is but a vapor and that one day we'll all realize it is what comes next that is most important.


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