Monday, April 07, 2008

Oster, Thompson and Dansk

We spent the morning in the doctor's office for the treatment of Liam's newly developed cough. He's already having to go through his first round of antibiotics at five weeks. Luke didn't get sick until he was a year old. Leila about the same. I suppose things are a little different when you already have toddlers who love close contact with their fellow playground, bus, and classroom buddies but I feel an overwhelming burden of guilt. Since this morning he seems to have made a lot of progress and I'm feeling better. I was a little bit of a wreck early today.

My purchase less in order to invest in real-estate plan has been a challenge. I realized that I get a sort of high from purchasing things. Just anything. Yes, I understand this isn't ideal. I was at Costco on Saturday and impulsively loaded a set of dishes, (well I have been eying them for a couple of months so it wasn't exactly impulsive) a salt and pepper grinder and a new blender (I had dropped my old blender two months ago and shattered it on our stone floor -- nothing survives this floor) into our cart. So one might argue these are all things we've actually been needing but I got so much pleasure out of actually putting them in the cart. Does this happen to you?

For three days now I've been contemplating taking everything back. I've used money that I could have put into the real estate plan and that Rob and I could have used to build our future together and that of the kids'. It isn't that much money but it adds up. Thus I torture myself on a weekly basis. I hope that for the most part of working on a habit of consuming less generally. At least I'm feeling buyer's remorse. That's a start right?


Blogger Donna said...

I used to be the same. I have become so much better about not going somewhere (a store) just because I am bored.

I think when you are a mom you give so much of yourself that when you can actually buy something for yourself (when in actuality it is usually for everyone...a household item)it just feels like a treat!!

We deserve treats, right??

6:40 AM  
Blogger butterflygirl said...

Costco can do that to you.

5:19 PM  
Blogger Deborah and Sally said...

Yes, I used to be that way also.

I used to buy stuff and then take it back all the time because I felt guilty !


9:37 AM  

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