Friday, June 13, 2008

Random Eight

1. This bird was as still as a lizard, perched up in our jade tree. He was there for over ten minutes and I thought he must be dead.
2. Zero cavity dentist appointment yesterday which I was amazed by since it's a real challenge to get to all of Luke's pearlies. The bad news is there seems to be a definite orthodontist referral in the future. Luke seems to have a lot of teeth for his mouth. Right now they're perfectly straight but apparently that's not going to last.
3. We learned the backhand motion in Leila's tennis class today.
4. Rob saw Liam chuckle for the first time.
5. Our neighbors have let their delicious peach tree branches drape over our wall so that we may enjoy the sumptuous fruits. There was even an email highlighting the goodness of this fruit (pics to come).
6. I just remembered that I need to wrap and finish Rob's Father's Day gifts.
7. I like how Liam's toes curl up:

8. This is insane to me


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh i have a jade plant at my balcony too. =D

8:08 PM  

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