Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Five Spots

1. Currant reward system ( Mama bucks are earned by doing chores and being nice to one's brothers and then carried in our pink purse to the Mama Store that is chock full of $1 goodies. That's the idea anyway).

2. I was factinated this afternoon by these mysterious pods growing on the trellis on our garden wall.

3. Someone is riding 12"er with training wheels. "Super fast."

4. I'm catching up with this project starting with week one.

5. Leila is adding the phrase "by any chance?" to the end of some of her questions. As in: "Do you think we could go to the park today, by any chance?"


Blogger tommie said...

Leila is too cute.

I really do think Liv is going to ride a bike before Will...even though she is 16 months younger than him!

8:47 PM  

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