Thursday, February 26, 2009

Like, Totally!

Luke was feeling warm this morning and didn't touch his rice toast with jam (which he usually devours) so I was at home with he, Leila and Liam.
Love being with my kids. I do.

It's just that we can go NO WHERE because the three of them with only one adult is actually dangerous.
With a toddler (yes, completely walking) and a very strong six-year old who loves to run and doesn't quite know the meaning of "STOP, DON'T GO INTO THE ROAD!" or even what a road is for that matter, well, you can see the potential problem.

So we stayed in. We do have a back yard but that's tricky too. Any way, I want to figure this out. I'd love to be able to go out with all three of my children. I don't know how to go about it yet. I just pray that we can bring Luke around.

We've made homemade popsicles and have read countless books.
Now Luke is screaming from the bath. Suppose he wants out.

He's out now. And I'm enjoying three-way sanity inducing quiet.
I read that in order to really be good at photography you need to take 100,000 photos.
I'm up to 34,000 on my Flickr.
So I'm working on it.
I'll upload a lot tonight and see where I am then.

Luke's latest is to chew on the collars of his shirt.
This makes six-year-olds stand out.
Just a tad.
So we're working on that.

Leila put on my shoes and said, "Mom! These are totally cool!"
Oh, my. Can't take California out of the girl. But at three??


Blogger Paul Nichols said...

My father took over 500 photos before he ever put film in his new 35 mm camera. He said that he learned a lot that way. He took some pretty good photos with film, too.

4:04 AM  

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