Friday, November 13, 2009

In general
  • We are thrilled to have found a Classical Conversations community. The families are amazing and so welcoming. Leila has jumped right in. Every week the children give a little presentation in front of their peers (different topic each time) to get them used to the idea of speaking in front of a group. They also have a history sentence to memorize, Latin endings, English grammer, math, science, music, and geography. We have a Curriculum Guide but we can use it as the backbone and add our own resources as well.
  • On Tuesday we will be going to see a UNC-A presentation of Peter and the Wolf
  • Luke's teacher said he has been amazed at Luke's initiative over the last few weeks. He has not needed any physical prompts for several of his activities but has completed tasks on his own.
  • Continues to do well in her Math-U-See primer. Using the blocks with her book helps her to see the numbers and she enjoys doing her pages. Her quota is 3 pages a day.
  • Memorizing prepositions.
  • Learned the parts of a flower today and dissected one in order to label the parts.
  • Can count to ten.
  • Is enjoying a daily dose of Starfall and can recognize several letters now.

  • Not having all of our books and furniture. The moving company has been a disaster and we would love to be able to dive into reading again.
  • Finding a network of Christian Homeschooling families that also use the Classic Methods in The Well-Trained Mind. It's amazing how God puts all the pieces together. He truly has.


Blogger Jada's Gigi said...

So thrilled you are settling in and God is making the way. Now just to get your stuff! Right? :)

5:46 AM  
Anonymous Gina said...

So true, Cheryl. It's very much a "let go and let God" situation. : )

9:13 AM  

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