Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Carlin School Update 2010 - 2011 Week 1A

Language Today we begin French year. Rob and I have decided to teach the kids French, Spanish and Latin and we'll have a strong focus on French this year with some exposure to both Spanish and French.
We ordered the Rosetta Stone French and are borrowing Rosetta Stone Spanish and I ordered Ecco Romani A for learning Latin.
Book List: She can't seem to get enough of books and finished reading Molly Pitcher: Girl Patriot by Augusta Stevenson today.

Math and Handwriting: Weak points seem to be math and handwriting. I don't know if the left handedness is contributing to the frustration with the handwriting or if it is just because she is so young. Math-U-See is an amazing program and although she doesn't like Math I can see she is learning more with each exercise which is all we can hope for.

Luke: loves and adores everything about school and his teachers and he even loves riding the bus so much that he falls asleep. So there won't be a whole lot of updating as far as he's concerned. He is happy.

Liam:We're working on Liam's colors and shapes with everything we can find. His letters with Starfall and his numbers with this delightful little collection of videos.

Book List Don Quixote excerpt p. 502
"Don Quixote remained deep in thought as he awaited the yound graduate Carrasco, from whom he was expecting to hear news about himself published in a book...."the fact that it concerned a knight errant was a guarantee that it would be grandiloquent, lofty, illustrious, magnificent and true."

xo, Gina