Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Victims of graffiti!

The letters "FT" were painted on our wall over the weekend. Our neighbor explained that it was the initials of a gang called "F Troop". Comforting.

I read this post over the weekend. Sums it up for me (especially the last paragraph).

Beautiful weekend of memorializing:
  • A little homemade OJ from our tree (Rob's specialty).
  • A trip to Corona Del Mar and a picnic with the family.
  • A discovery that Ciabatta bread is probably not the best for cheeseburgers (a little too crunchy).
I managed to squeeze in a coupla pics of course...

Mmmm. Fresh OJ Popsicle.

Have you seen this?

Only thing is, I'm not really a beetle person and somehow I think the art would lose something on a Volvo.

Tiny houses...
The wave of the future?

Saturday, May 20, 2006

::look mom, pictures!::

I found this really cool site via Bek: OneTrueMedia. You can download your photos and create a really cool montage and load it right onto your blog (see right, press play). I'll change it regularly Mom, just for you (and anyone else who is interested). If the first picture is different, that means I've changed the montage. I'm so excited.

I'm also excited about this. Our neighborhood is having a Cool Summer Streets Concert and Block Party and this is what I'm excited about...they are going to offer local artists and vendors the opportunity to sell their arts and crafts at a booth!! Yeah, I'm getting my "life-art" books spiffed up. I'd love to offer my digital art as a service to busy moms. Never know, I might get a few bites. But more than that, it will just be super coolio to have my own artist booth.

Monday, May 15, 2006

::out of my control::

Lovely things for lovely people:
  • A new pair of shoes everyday! Interesting idea.
  • Cheap ten minute facial.
  • One of a kind, handcrafted items.
  • One Place. You can listen to all the greats.
Obviously thinking a bunch about motherhood yesterday.
And my mothering style.
After hearing a lot of the messages that go along with Mother's Day fesivities I realized again that motherhood is so much more than trying to control our children and trying to get them to behave.

It's all about winning their hearts.

Am I a mother that focuses on being kind and loving, teaching and instructing rather than just making them behave so I'll look like I have good kids? For some reason I think parents these days (and generations past) forget that it isn't just about trying to get your children to "stay in line" and do the right things. The heart is where it all begins. We are to walk along side our children, to lovingly show them the way, not give them a list of rules which won't mean anything unless we've followed them ourselves.

The Bible talks about instruction, guidence, love and correction of our children but it never talks about control. This mother's day I made a committment to work on the hearts of my children above all else. The influencing of the outer behaviors will then take care of themselves.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

::happy mother's day::

Monday, May 08, 2006

::national scrapbook day lo's::

I got a few layouts done for national scrapbook day. How fun was that?!!

Boo-hooin'. Rob left for England a couple of hours ago. But that does mean quick and easy meals for 10 days woohoo! But I do already miss him.

Bring on the paintbrushes.

Friday, May 05, 2006

So am I crazy?
Thinking of re-doing (wierd word, does it need a hypen? Probably not.) the guest house while Rob is in England for two weeks.

I found this site .
You can choose colors online.
The more you can do online...the better right.
I am considering grocery delivery. Well, maybe not yet but it sure is tempting.
Hey, sometimes it's about making it EEEeeeeasier for you (with 2 under four). Lots of you are realating. I can hear your heads noddin.

So, I thinking green for a refreshing springy feel. Growth, life, newness...all that.

Monday, May 01, 2006

::my life in bullet points::

  • Hundreds of protestors literally marching through our neighborhood today...
  • I'm determined to learn how to make digital kits.
  • A few more photos of the kidlies I've played with. I decided to give you a before and after shots so you can see where I cheated (and to make it more interesting).
Before: After: