Tuesday, November 28, 2006

::links n things::

Monday, November 27, 2006

::unveiling the mystery of a woman's soul::

A recommendation for you women in my life. All of whom are beautiful:

Recent Photoshop discovery - Urban Acid.

If you have a child that won't keep his shoes on, I recommend good ole converse.
Luke will model for you...
and again...

And because I don't post enough pictures of my kids, here's Leila on a Daddy-dressed-me day (can we say gumball machine explosion?).

and with her chicken...

Saturday, November 25, 2006


you have no idea what a tree is
or what blue looks like
you have yet to learn to tie your shoes, play with toy cars or sing your ABC's.
but with your life only just begun, i hope for you joy and blessings and laughter and many hours of reading good books
i pray for you wisdom and strength and responsibility and honor
mostly i pray for you a walk with the creator of this world who wants nothing more
than to walk hand in hand
with you
and carry
you through your scary moments and your jubilee.
You are loved by so many, now and always.
My precious new nephew...

Sunday, November 19, 2006

"Duty can pack an adequate sack lunch, but love may decide to enclose a little love note inside...Obligation sends the children to bed on time, but love tucks the covers in around their necks and passes out kisses and hugs...Duty gets offended quickly if it isn't appreciated, but love learns to laugh a lot and to work for the sheer joy of doing it. Obligation can pour a glass of milk, but quite often, love adds a little chocolate."

Love Adds a Little Chocolate by Linda Andersen

Saturday, November 18, 2006

::some lovin::

Love these interesting hotel rooms.

Loving the music of Regina Spektor and Innocence Mission.

Love this scene
By Rosie Galitz.

Love my new walls.
Could it possibly be because they look like Cappuccino and Chocolate?

(Thank you sweetie! Mwah!)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


One "suspicious-package" bomb scare, one kitchen fire, two massive dogs on the loose, late night dark chocolate and a cat named Pazzo made for an adventurous but beautifully memorable weekend with my dear friend and her adorable family in Ventura.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

::painting big and small::

Cool sink design:

I'm in the mood for chocolate chip cookies.

  • Free personality test. Then read about your personality here.
  • Leila in her "zoe's"

Having a bit of a paint...

  • We decided on our living room colors and Rob is at Home Depot picking up materials; ready to dive in tomorrow.

Monday, November 06, 2006

::just call me keanu::

Like an Indian summer today - hot and breezy.
Beautiful mix but where's autumn?
Picnic out under the awning.
The adorable hubby spent 3 hours putting the shutters up yesterday.
(Yes, I will be forever supplying you with fresh updates on house fix-ups as we have many and somehow that's where I've decided to obsess for the mo.)

Then we were feeling a little PBSey and Rob got me hooked on this.

Going to see my dear friend Clare with my Leila Cuddle Bug on Thusday.
Thinking Amtrack to avoid traffic?

Okay, and just for kicks I saw this on my unbelievably talented friend Jane's site and curiosity got the better of me...

Mostly men!! Hmmm, what to think of that? You must try this you know and post results. Sorry, yes, you must.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

::a purple and green halloween::

Hullabaloo was a blast - complete with petting zoo and bouncy houses galore. Costume contest, candy and more candy. All free for the community sponsored by our church. Really neat to see kids whose parents probably struggled to buy their costumes laughing thier little selves silly.

At our marriage class last night Rob and I learned a three minute end of the day routine: (Facing one another, knee to knee)
Affirmation "I appreciated it today when you..." or Thank you for..."
Affection - A hug, kiss, or gentle touch.
Apology - "Is there any way I irritated, frustrated or hurt you today?"
Ask - "Is there anything you would like me to do for you today, tomorrow, this week?"
Amen - Close in a quick prayer together

To her stuffed animals and dolls upon picking them up Leila now says, "Hi, Leila". (In her best stuffed elephant voice.)