Friday, January 20, 2006

::houseguest update::

Be very careful.
Choose whom you let into the lives of your children very carefully.
We thought we were doing a good deed (and we were) by agreeing to let a woman in transition (divorce) stay in our guest house.
Thirty uncleaned up dog messes in the backyard later...(not to mention cigarette butts in the plants, severely ripped screen from previously named dog, dirty dishes and missing items in the pantry. )
We're not those kind of folks you'd never like to visit because we're a stickler for keeping things immaculate. Trust me, we're not. But heh, there are limits right?
After the incessant barking and "Tristin, shut up - you're a buzz kill" shouts, you start to feel a little less hospitable.

My idea to completely clean out and organize the garage (exercise space and kiddies play area) took root and I went nutty with laying everything unwanted out on the driveway in anticipation of Salvation Army picking it up as they said they would. The time of pick up came and went and then the next day they arrived saying they could only take 1 thing as opposed to the odd 60+ things I had anticipated. So needless to say, I had to get rid of the junk. Since Salvation Army was Kelley's idea (and since she's been staying in our home rent free for 3 weeks) I thought she may consider going with me to pick up and drop off the van. I rented it for one evening. When it came time to take it back she said, "Can't we wait until tomorrow?" So I had to pay for an extra day. Fine. Come tomorrow she still really doesn't want to do it but agrees with a huff. On the way she scrapes the side of a parked car and and damages both the car and the van. She screams and yells (all manner of profanities) at me. I tell her basically to leave our home and don't come back, not one step back in.

What I feel most guilty about is having her around my kids. Luckily they're too young to ever remember anything but that sure is a lesson learned. Was I wrong in this situation?

Rob's mum is doing better. The infection is out of her lungs so they can operate. In England though you kind of have to wait your turn so she lost her place due to the infection and will now have to wait a couple more weeks.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Rob left for England today. I miss him already and his plane hasn't yet touched ground. His mum's surgery will be Tuesday. It is one of those types of surgery where the doctors don't really know what to expect until they are actually in. She's been on chemo for a few months now. We're hopeful.

I've been reading a book called Change Your Brain, Change Your Life by Dr. Amen which was recommended by Dr. Healey. We are wonderfully made. The brain is nothing short of a miracle. I can't imagine anyone studying the complexities of the human body and not believe in God.

I did really well with GWC today because dh was leaving to be gone for 10 days. That tends to make us a bit ready to compliment and not complain. But I've been really bad for the last few days. So maybe while he's gone I can make up for it. I'm going to surprise him and turn the garage into a workout/play room. That just might count as a RAK or two.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

::fairy tales and basset hounds::

So we're moving on to the children's bedroom and are thinking of a theme that will go easily with boys and girls since the squidlees will be sharing for a few years at least. We thought of a general fairy tale (castles, princess, dragons, fairies) theme. Lo and behold IKEA has the very pieces we'll need. Paint a mock castle on the wall, throw in a few make believe toys and voila. Really happy about this.

GWC : totally wasted my no-complaint points on something piddley but did do well with a favorite meal and letting him nap during what is usually "Daddy and Luke time". So feeling quite average but there's always tomorrow. Let's see some total scores for this week gals. I've got to figure mine but am sure it's quite low compared to what I've been hearing (see, that's why I wanted to do this challenge). Rob will be traveling abroad next week so I'll be doing the GWC long-distance. Might make for an interesting challenge.

Do Basset Hounds always like constantly bark their brains out?

Thursday, January 05, 2006

::daily routines::

LO done recently to help me sculpt my morning routine into my brain. I'm a sucker for getting sidetracked.

GWC Day 5:

No complaints (hurrah - this is huge for me).
No real reason to say "You're right". So that's nice.
RAK - made him a trail mix (he's a lover of nuts and berries --?)
So did okay. How'd you do?

We have a house guest. She's going through a transition in life and she and her basset Tristin are in our guest house and will be for a couple of weeks. Will be nice to have someone here to help with the kids. Yes, she will be enlisted.

We love all of Luke's new therapists. One may be a bit stern but we'll give her a little more time and see how she pans out.

Leila is amazing. Grabbing everything -- so interested. I stopped for a moment when feeding her yesterday and she reached for, grabbed and lifted the spoon out of her bowl. She's five months. I guess b/c Luke was so mello that we're just seeing typical behavior but she just seems so advanced. Plus she's already sitting up. Is that early? It's facinating how children are all so different.

Monday, January 02, 2006

::not so hot::

Day One of Good Wife Challenge: not so hot.

Didn't complain which is good but didn't compliment. Hmmm. Does organizing his sock drawer count as a random act of kindness?

One of the pages for the Best and Brightest contest. I entered. Can't wait to see the pages of the winners. I wasn't among them but that's something to shoot for next year! We had to do a page with our name and photo on.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

::new year spicy wives::

So excited about the response to the Good Wife Challenge. You gals are great. This will be so fun. Assignment for today: get the rules in your mind and practice. We start taking score tomorrow first thing. Let's go! What a way to start the new year. See below for rules. Feel free to join in if you're just discovering the contest. We'd love to have you. As of now, the contestants (in order of response) are as follows...

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Let's make our men the happiest of all men. Keep me posted on your scores.

We had such a great visit from my Uncle Dave. There is something so refreshing about those who have known us all our lives. He took these photos of L&L...

...which I adore.