Wednesday, August 30, 2006

::safe place::

  • Here's a few of Leila's party.
  • I had forgotten how fun it is to get hardcopy pictures. I haven't had any printed for so long since I was seeing so many on my computer screen. Mom reminded me how fun it was to "hold them in my hand". I was like a kid in the candy store picking them up from CVS.
  • We had a meeting today with CARD. We were a little bothered that they had scheduled a therapy session for Sunday morning. As it turned out, they suggested having a therapist in his Sunday School class. They can work with him on his programs AND he'll get some socialization at the same time. Great idea. We're glad.
  • I've been doing a little photography equipment dreaming at AlienBees.
  • I found this interesting. The astronomical odds are against us being here at all.
  • Wow, look.
  • Pondering this: Do my words create a safe place for others?
  • Search for movies and music you like and this site gives you recommendations for others.
  • Leila can put her hand to her mouth to blow a kiss.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

::more of nc::

Taken by Nana.

Nana and Papa

The Mommyx2 to be with Leila.

Monday, August 28, 2006

::loves cars::

More kissy moments.

I love this photo of my precious niece.
She has a big personality and loves Cars.
She'll be a big sister in November.
I miss you sweetie Greer.

I'm working on perfecting my life mantra, "It's a pleasure to serve you."
Starting with my family.
What creative ways can I serve them?
I'm learning to find pleasure in the act.
If Jesus himself washed His diciples feet,
how much more should I give of myself to others?

Friday, August 25, 2006

::bees and muddy waters::

Word to the wise:
Never board a plane with congestion in your ears.
You will experience intense pain.
You will be thinking, "I'm really going to go deaf while everyone around me watches that cheesy movie with their $2.00 headsets on."

We're home. Delightful to see my smiley little boy and handsome man waiting at the other side.
Wonderful memories of family gatherings. A picnic with swarming bees or a swim in the local mudhole might not sound like oodles of fun but it's the craziness of memories that might just keep them from fading away.
I wish Leila and I didn't get sick at the end of the visit but I seem to always get sick when I go home. Change of climate? Wierd.

Looking forward to catching up with bloglines. Routines. Here are a few of the many photos. More to come.

Cousin Greer and Canadian geese (thanks Wendy).

Leila and her Papa.

Getting acquainted as cousins do.

Group hug.

Juggling brother, Paul.

Friday, August 18, 2006

::family and resemblances::

One of the things I've been doing while home (what? me, immersed in a project? Crazy, I know) has been scanning some old baby photos my mom has and emailing them to myself.
Lots of birthday parties and catching up with family as well. But check out this baby picture...
So maybe Leila does look a little like me. Leila with my lovely niece, Regan.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

::vacation eve::

Packed and ready for Leila's first flight tomorrow. Carolinas here we come.
Two weeks with my family.
Pics to come!
Hoping Leila will be okay with a plane journey.
In flight read.
Have a great Wednesday everyone.
I'll talk to you from the east coast.

Monday, August 07, 2006

::47 seconds of funny::

A community for exchanging used books.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

::sicilian summer::

Continuing with the Giada recipe infatuation:
Tonight for dinner I made...

The lemon-scented mascarpone trifle was a huge success with Rob.

Luke continues to have a series of really good days.

Leila is now waving and saying "ba" anytime anyone says "bye" or when she thinks I'm going to be hanging up the phone.

She says "ap" for apple. Right now though all fruits and tomatoes are "ap"s.

The Morning Glory is going fairly well. I haven't exactly stuck to the 5:30 time but I do manage to get into the gym at least by 6:30. Believe you me though, I must have EVERYTHING laid out or this just ain't happenin. I mean I so want to stay in that bed. I really want to be disciplined to carry this out.

I've been spending so much of my evening compy time touching up photies and loading them to I'm looking forward to going through all our photos when we go visit my folks. We have 778 just for April, 2006. Is that a lot?

Remember these when we were kids?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

We've been in our house for 2 years. We found out today that the wiring has been here for 86.
How did we find this out you ask?
We've had intermittant electricity in our living room since Thursday (the day the AC was installed). Something seemed amiss. We call the AC company. A guy comes out to see what the problem is...

Yikes he says. You need an entire re-wiring of the house. Now why they didn't mention this before they installed the AC, I haven't the foggiest. (To his credit, this particular guy wasn't at the installation).

But yep, good chance the wiring in this home has been here since the Depression.
Our entire home is a fire hazard.
Quite a bit of $$ to make it safe.
Rob is considering going after the inspector. "Good idea" says the AC man.
What would you say?

Since Luke is starting to get up a little later (7:15 --yes that is much later than it used to be), I'm going to start going to the gym again in the mornings. Shooting for 5:30-7:30 Mommy Morning Glory. This time will include workout, devotions and getting the house ready for the day. I might just sneak in my grande latte.