Monday, December 26, 2005

::the good wife challenge::

Got me one of them obsessed, freaky blog-stalkers kids so will mainly be moderating posts for a while or until he gets a life. Thanks for understanding, my lovely readers.

Okay so I totally need to work on being a better wife. My kids need to see a good example of patience, kindness and love. So here's what I'm going to do: challenge myself to not complain about anything to my husband in any way shape or form for the next 30 days. *gulp*

Oh I know, I know! Who wants to do this with me? Let's be accountable K? That's what I need. I want to see how kind I can be to my man- how uncomplaining and how loving.

So here's the rules: The contest starts this Sunday night. The one with the most points at the end of 30 days (Jan 31) wins a little surprise from me (two digital layouts with up to three of your favorite photies).

Tally points for the following areas (below). Please post your totals with each post from now until then. If you're single, substitute your boyfriend or even a friend. Reply to tell me if you want to play and I'll list the contestants on Sunday night with links. I'll then look forward to some inspiring stories of improved marriages and relationships. If you have any suggestions for additional accountability points, please submit for consideration.

Accountability points:
1. No complaining for entire day (includes saying anything negative. If you have to share some negative news you must follow it up with a bright side): 10 points
2. Random act of kindness (be creative - no limit): 10 points
3. Compliment (only one compliment per sentence and compliments must be stretched out at least one hour apart, so for instance you can't give 14 compliments in a row): 5 points
4. Say "you're right" about anything he's even close to right about: 20 points

Watch out guys - you're in for a treat.

Friday, December 23, 2005


We celebrate Christmas this weekend in the Carlin home. Presents for children and dear hubby wrapped and under our mantlepiece tree. Sparkly lights. Eggnog and apple cider chilling. Cookies ready for the platter. Mincemeat tarts, Christmas pudding, chocolate and nuts. Stockings filled. The story of Christmas from Luke 2 read to little ears. Let the memories begin.

What are your Christmas traditions?
~Merry and Bright Christmas to you all~

Thursday, December 22, 2005

::five random::

Rules: Post 5 random and weird facts about yourself, then at the end, list the names of 5 people whom you in turn infect. Also, leave a post to these people letting them know they have been infected. I was tagged by C.

1. I have a brother named Paul, a brother-in-law named Paul and a sister-in-law named Paula.
2. My first job was as a J.Crew order taker. I took an order once from Marial Hemmingway. She ordered a pair of jeans.
3. One of my childhood memories is sitting down to watch an episode of Star Wars on Saturday nights while eating my mom's homemade pudding in brown glass parfait dishes.
4. I love Gilad.
5. I wrote a book.

I'm gonna break a rule and not tag anyone. Merry Christmas.

::christmas survival::

Notes to self from this year :
1. Always have a few spare generic non-gender specific gifts to give to those I don't think are going to give gifts to us. I hate it when that happens.
2. Have shopping done before Thanksgiving. Have shopping done before Thanksgiving. Have shopping done before Thanksgiving. Have shopping done before Thanksgiving.
3. Do make the effort. For the children. Christmas is an ideal background for memories.
4. Give to someone who can't give back. Just to be giving. Enjoy.
5. Don't go nutty on extra special recipes for the holidays. Build on traditions rather than trying to make it perfect. It's more important that my family has a present and pleasant mom rather than one who is bouncing off the walls with nervous tension. Good way to spoil a beautiful day. Guilty.
6. Remember the whole point of it all.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

::yeah moms::

"No calling is greater, nobler or more fulfilling than that of motherhood. Every day, as we nurture our children, mothers influence eternal destiny as no one else can."
~ Sally Clarkson, author
The Mission of Motherhood

What an awesome responsibility. What a blessing. Let's hear it for Mama's everywhere.
Go Mama!

Monday, December 19, 2005

::luke is scribbling::

I'm so excited.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

::raspberry uggs::

A good friend of mine just bought her 80 year old grandmother these:
How refreshing.
I'm going to wear raspberry when I'm 80.
Although she still ballroom dances. I'd like to tango.


Wouldn't this be luxuriously delightful?

Saturday, December 17, 2005

::well said matthias::

A must read for all Americans and Europeans. Europe - Thy name is Cowardice. Written by German Chief Executive of huge publisher Axel Springer, Matthias Dapfner.

Not saying I agree. But worth a think.

Friday, December 16, 2005


I chose blogging when I should be yoga-ing. How nutty is it to stress out about not doing something that's supposed to destress you? Mom has been yoga-ing for years and everyone around me seems to know the names of several poses but for some reason I've not given it a chance. But I've been at a loss for means of real exercise recently and found myself impulsively grabbing up several yoga DVD's along with the recommended bricks, straps, mats and wedges while browsing in Target Tuesday. And I think it's helped me. So I'll continue to give it a go -- when I'm not blogging.

or scrapbooking.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

::congrats iraq::

Happy purple finger day. Our president was right. He had vision and stood his ground. Thank you Mr. President, U.S. military and coalition forces for making this day, the day Iraq elects it's first democratically elected government, possible. Freedom for millions.

God bless Iraq, God bless the Iraqi people, God bless the US Military, and God bless George W. Bush.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

::minimal effort::

Daily bit of Carlin catch-up:
I'm a total whimp when it comes to shot day for the kiddos. We were freaked out by the mercury scare so are only giving Leila one shot at a time athough we're not anti-shot, anti-medicine wierdos by any means. Today Leila got her second shot. She only peeped slightly. Had stopped crying by the time I picked her up. She was an angel. Especially considering we had waited 2 hours to see the doc. Flu season. Luke was another story.

Which takes me to the IEP. They offered us half of what we were hoping. So we're going to be having to file a motion, perhaps take on the Regional Center and take a few other rather expensive and frustrating steps.

We're waiting to hear what T___ H____ says about the proposal and what we should do about it.

I'm doing so little for Christmas:
  • Christmas cards ~
yes, same Leila pic.
  • Gifts to mom, dad, nephews, nieces, Luke, Leila, Rob.
  • Open cards we get from everyone else.
  • Christmas dinner with some Christmas pudding for Rob.
  • Take time to think about the real meaning of Christmas and be thankful for it.
  • Yep, that's pretty much it.
I didn't plan it this way. The season is just sort of zooming past us because of the Luke sitch. A tree was out of the question with Luke and so I didn't think any further about other decorations. Remind me to be super creative next year to make up for it. T'will soon be no choice as Luke will be fully aware of what it is and what he should expect. Actually, I'm really looking forward to making holidays lovely and sweet for my kiddies. That's the fun part actually. This might be my last year off. Trust me, Rob doesn't care.

Daily bit of melody...
Continuous Christmas music in the Spirit of Los Angeles.
Daily bit of social commentary...
Crime is a matter of opinion. This is frightening.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

::without needing to do::

Conscentrating on mastering the art of sitting and being with my children. I've always got something floating in my brain to do, to change. Change Leila's outfit, those socks don't quite match. Pick up those 42 blocks Luke was playing with and on and on and on. How often do I just sit and enjoy? After having one child I should know how quickly it will go. Luke's almost three. That's insane. He was just born it seems. Time goes lighting fast after you have children doesn't it? Yikes. Somehow those physical changes just don't seem to matter as much though. I don't mind a few extra lines and varicose veins because I'm mama to two very special munchkins and to them it doesn't matter.

Part two of the IEP tomorrow at 8. The proposal will be made. We'll then know what we're up against.

Luke had a great day. He tapped my leg when I was cooking tonight. I turned around and he looked up at me with a big grin. I had been (quite animatedly) singing him some songs moments before and he wanted to continue the fun. Communication.

Luke's veeeerrrry close to being able to stab with a fork.

T___ H_____ has once again come through for us with flying colors. He wants to go over the proposal and consult with us on what exactly we should be asking for. It's his overall optimism and hope that are so inspiring.

I finished my LOs for the digital scrapbooking contest. I'm so not going to win. Not being self-sabbatoging but there are so much amazing talent out there. It was just fun to participate. I'd like to try each each and maybe get closer and closer to being one of the goodins.

Friday, December 09, 2005

::flowery feet::

The cutest little shoes I ever did see. Sent to Leila from my beautiful sista Angie. Leila will be mostly wearing them lots.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Our friend Michael graciously fought traffic at 6:00 am to come and watch Luke while Rob, Leila and I schlepped to the dreaded IEP. There were 16 in attendance (not including Leila). It's so difficult to sit at a table with 16 other professionals listening to all the delays they've found in your child. We listened to each report verbatim (each being at least 5 pages). Then we listened to the goals of each side. We were hoping to have an offer of services before we left but didn't make it that far. We'll have to wait for the meeting set for Monday the 12th. School break starts the 16th so we're getting close to needing to come to an agreement.

After we drove up to the school today and before walking into the conference room Rob said, "There's no way Luke is coming here." It's not because we're snobs. It's because there is no reason why any child should have to go there. No excuse for schools like this in the richest country on earth. Trust me you'd feel the same way if it were you're child. Trust me.

Oh and our knight in shining armour, the one I told you about a few posts ago who was supposed to call the night before and help us out with what to do at the IEP, the one who we were so excited about because he had all the answers and seemed to know what was going on in Luke's brain...never called. Ugg. I'm sure he had a good excuse. Right? *sigh*

We go through cycles of frustration, sadness, anger, optimism, hope and back again, each day. Last night Rob and I held hands and sobbed. It hurts.

Uplifting post heh?

One of my new favorite blogs.

My Chubbycheeka:

Saturday, December 03, 2005


  • Day by Day by Chris Muir
  • Tolkien used it, but otherwise the insulting word Ninnyhammer has quite gone out of use.

  • Buzzards Luck: (In English, United States) n. bad luck. This term refers specifically to carrion-feeding North American vultures that are called buzzards. The expression is often accompanied by the explanation that a buzzard “can’t kill nothing and nothing will die.” Poor old buzzard.
  • That's Leila sitting on that drum up to a little piano at four months! Rob took his hands away for about 10 seconds. She didn't budge.
  • Looking forward to friend Kelley coming over tomorrow along with friends Michael and Hillary. Maybe Michael will whip up one of his scrumptious meals.
  • Trying to get our minds off Tuesday meetin. Gorgeous weekend helps.
  • GO UCLA!

Friday, December 02, 2005

::merry christmas aclu::

Send the ACLU a "Merry Christmas" card. And let's go really wild and say "Merry Christmas" to everyone we meet for the next 24 days. Let's not be politically-correct jellyfish. K?

Thursday, December 01, 2005

::thank a soldier week::

Thank a soldier.

The big meeting (IEP) is Tuesday. We've met with the big attorney man who has been highly recommended and at whose name the school district is supposed to quake in their boots. Don't get me wrong, all who are just tuning in. I understand the dilemas of budget insufficiencies and governmental hindrance but sorry, not in the mood to let my child be shortchanged.

We've gotten all the evaluations together and we're just about set.

Luke's now in the tantrum stage. I had it pretty easy. He never had the "terrible twos". Looks however like I'll be seeing the terrible threes. Climbing on the bed, to the sink and up bookcases. RELENTLESSLY. No I mean, RELENTLESSLY. Like you could get him down 20+ times and he'd be right back up again. He is so focused on what he wants (bouncing on the bed, playing in water) that "no" and actually pulling him down are no barrier.

So imagine me with an infant in my arms constantly trying to reign in a 30 lb. child who will NEVER play with toys and is constantly, consistently, relentlessly climbing or running away.

Despite it, I love this little boy with all my heart of course.

He did well at the park yesterday. His soccer skills are amazing. He can "dribble" the ball back and forth from foot to foot and has unbelievable control. So this keeps him busy, gives him exercise and then he sleeps well. No napping still but 13 hour nights the past two. Oh how nice that's been.

Lovely chat with my Dad this morning. He called while having lunch at K&W in N.C.

I love my Dad.